Depending on the year, Pirates can field teams for each age group from

8U - 12U and regularly also have 14/13U High School prep teams. We also typically have a second 8U team comprised of both 7- and 8-year olds and also second teams for any age group where there are enough players.

2019 10U TEAM

The 2019 10U Pirates have been coached by Brian Jackson, Brian Colucci, Jim McCauley & Matt Ryan since the group was 7 years old. During the summer of 2019, the 10U team played in 5 tournaments and will also play in a winter tournament which raises money for Toys for Tots in San Carlos. The boys are currently fundraising for their trip to Omaha in 2021 where they will participate in the SlumpBuster tournament as 12Us and attend the College World Series.

2019 9U TEAM

The 2019 9U Pirates were coached by John Costa and Ronny Melo. The team played in 5 tournaments during the 2019 summer season including a strong showing in our Memorial Day Tournament

2019 8U ROSTER

The 2019 8U Pirates team has been managed and coached by Lito Alvarez, John Patton, Charlie Sharp and Phil Hophan the past two seasons. The boys have played a lot baseball - 56 games - the last two summers from May to August complying a record of 31-23-2. 


They have won 3 championships and a lot of 2nd place and 3 place finishes. These boys grind and play hard from start to finish. 


There goal is to play in Cooperstown in 2023. 

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