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What To Expect:

  • Skill evaluations are held to help select the best team in each age group from the HMB Coastside.

  • Skill evaluations are only part of the selection process. Pirate Managers and Coaches typically have lots of time to evaluate player’s skills and attitude during Little League play. Managers, in consultation with coaches, make the final team selection.

  • Teams typically have 11 or 12 players, sometimes with alternates. Alternate players participate in all practices and pay reduced fees when they play in tournaments. We form a second team for age groups if enough players are available.


If a player does not make the team and wants to play, DON’T get discouraged. KEEP PLAYING! HMB has a great Little League program.


What We’re Looking For:

  1. ATTITUDE: A positive attitude is a key ingredient for a successful team.

  2. ABILITY: The players will be rated on:

  • Fielding – Stance, Mechanics, Positioning, Ability, Transition to Throw, etc...

  • Throwing – Mechanics, Distance, Accuracy, Strength, etc...

  • Hitting – Mechanics, Bat speed, Hand/Eye Coordination, Contact, Placement, etc...

  • Running – Mechanics, Awareness, Base sense, Speed, Stealing, Leads, etc...

  • Overall Sense of the Game – Understanding of basic rules and strategy



HMB Pirates Skill Evaluation

We are looking forward to the 2024 HMB Pirates Season. We field competitive baseball teams and provide youth development by promoting sportsmanship, leadership, integrity, and competitive greatness. Ultimately, we hope to make players better prepared for high school baseball.
The Pirates teams typically practice 2x weekly and play several tournaments from late May through July taking a break for Little League All-Stars. We plan our Pirates’ season to NOT conflict with HMB Little League.


March 10th 2024- HMBHS

7/8U + 9u - 8-9:30am

10U & 11U - 9:30-11am

12U “Open Practice” 11-12:30


Any Coastal resident (Montara to La Honda/Pescadero)  who meets the following age criteria:

7u   (7 year old Little League age)

8u   (8 year old Little League age)

9u   (9 year old Little League age)

10u   (10 year old Little League age)

11u (11 year old Little League age)

12u   (11 year old Little League age)


Players are encouraged to attend two skill evaluation sessions. However, it is only mandatory for players to attend one session, whether they played on a Pirates Baseball team in the past or they are new to Pirates Baseball.

Pumpkin Festival

Please plan ahead to volunteer Pumpkin Festival weekend for the Pirates parking lot fundraiser. This is our only fundraiser of the year and every family is expected to participate.

If you are unsure of your child’s

league age, click here:

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